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99-10715-01 - Plexiglass DUT Enclosure (22"w x 24"d x 8.5"h)

Price: $799.00

Product Code: 99-10715-01

This Plexiglass DUT Enclosure is designed with an safety interlock that will eliminate the potential for electrical shock when used correctly. The interlock will disable the high voltage if the enclosure door is open. The DUT Enclosure is designed to be used with all interlocked Associated Research Hipot testers.

Outside Dimensions:
22"w x 24"d x 8.5"h
559 mm w x 610 mm d x 216 mm h
1/4" thick Plexiglass cover
3/8" thick Plexiglass sides, top and bottom

Inside Dimensions:
21.62" w x 23.62" d x 8.13" h
549 mm w x 600 mm d x 207 mm h

Used with: All Testers except 2630, 2660, 1305